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It is all about compound diploma to be added to pass the scientific degree .
There is no success and failure because it is equivalent to have an experience, but there is a scientific research provided by the student by the end of the study duration to obtain the scientific degree - knowing that the scientific research is done under the supervision and follow up of the academy's professors
Distance educational degree is scientific not academic, whereas academic study requires many years and very high cost to obtain it, knowing that foreign universities granting the scientific degree doesn't write in the certificate weather it is scientific or academic degree, furthermore they don't mention if it is a distance learning system, but they only write the type of the degree (Mini Master - Master - Doctorate)
Actually no, because there isn’t formal link between these foreign universities and the Egyptian educational system - whereas there isn’t established system in Egypt that allows distance education or equivalence of experience - As in the European countries and the United States of America there are multiple systems of the educational system that allows anyone at any age to complete their education and raise scientific and social capacity so we are directed there to obtain scientific degree
These certificates could be used at many fields. First: At private business sectors Second: To search for better job or for a job promotion Third: A good social image Fourth: you will gain an experience and unlimited skills according to the latest fields required by local and international markets
There isn't any documentation from the Egyptian universities due to the rules of Egyptian universities to pass the scientific degree or any other degree by the academic system (Attend the full year of study which reach ten years or sometimes more to gain only two degrees!!!) However, we are already documenting it from the country's governments, also the government of any Arabian or European country through its embassies and consulates including Egyptian Ministry of Foreign affairs, giving the certificate legal intensity, recognising the validity of certificate by the government
There isn't complicated any conditions - only not to pass a higher degree before the other which means that you can register with us in the doctorate directly if you hold a master's degree even if it is from any other place also the bachelor degree before the masters.
Yes there are exceptions except for the bachelor degree that must be available before doctorate which mean that you can get doctorate without a master's degree in condition that you must reach 40 years old and to be one of the people who contribute to fields that benefited the society before and obtained mini-master or through old experiences and functions or have previous Witten books in addition to courses, so papers are submitted to the university for approval to register for doctorate directly.
The similarity between them is very significant for except for the existence of additional studies of the higher stages with different type and description of the final scientific research of the doctorate.
They are universities registered by the government and recognized by each country’s government as distance educational system universities experience equivalence, therefore the law allows them as authorized certificates by the government then adopted by the consulates of other countries governments.
Yes, Future Builders International Academy offers fabulous and non-obligatory service and an opportunity for Ph.D. and Masters students. There is media coverage for the student in radio and television in addition to the graduation ceremony. And the surprise if you are outside Egypt and you want to learn practical parts, you could visit Egypt for your graduation ceremony and study for a whole special week for you where you can find all practical applications. *Note: this service is specified from Future Builders International Academy for you but it’s not responsible for student’s accommodation (we only offer educational service but we can help on that if you have the desire to do so)
Personal identification, pictures of latest scientific degree with reports of experience, previous courses, email address for communication, two personal photos, and mobile number.
Yes you can but that depends on the period of your subscription in the study where you have to complete all study expenses before 90 days before the submission of certificates where that’s the period of the extraction of the certificates and documentation from various consulates.
Yes there is a study contract mentioning all the study details, the type of the scientific study, the university’s name, also the required profession, where there are various administrative disciplines available, also you will get an official receipt with paid amount and you can receive it hand by hand or through e-mail. We have many privileges, you can visit our websites or call us on phone.

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